I am extremely grateful for each and every one one of these wonderful sponsors that help keep the show on the road by supporting the horses and myself. For a number of years, they have all enabled me to do what I love, whilst making sure the horses are happy at all times. Please do take a look at what they have to offer. You wont be disappointed!

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I am fortunate to have been supported by my local saddlers Georgie & Terri Webb - G&T Saddles - since the beginning of 2016. Georgie is a Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) Qualified Saddle Fitter and Master Saddle Fitting Consultant (MSFC). They sold me my first saddle and I have used them ever since. They offer a saddle fitting and flocking service, to all levels of horse & rider. Their approach is to never leave a saddle with you unless you are 100% happy and when they are certain that it is the best fit for horse and rider. As they carry such a wide range of stock, they are easily able to find the perfect saddle for you!

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Animalife ran a competition to find a new sponsored rider in March 2019, which I won. They are a large, highly respected company, who also sponsor top British riders, including Piggy French. Animalife offer a wide range of supplements, to aid all levels of horse, in any amount of work, with supplement ranges to target younger or older horses, from joint health, to calmers. The team offer great customer service and are always very helpful when trying to find the products to best suit your horse. All products carry the Clean Sport logo, which gives peace of mind that they are all legal for use at BE/FEI competitions.


In November 2018, I was picked by equestrian clothing company, Hardy Equestrian, as a sponsored rider. They are a locally-based company to me, and offer a range of high quality clothing, from riding leggings, to jackets and hats. They are well-known for their range of bright, bespoke XC sets, which are very popular to help you stand out from the crowd. I have benefitted from wearing their lovely clothing all year round, as well as my XC baselayer, which is customised in colour and with my sponsors’ logos. Hardy Equestrian also offer printing and embroidery services, producing bundles of team wear for local Pony Clubs and Riding Clubs. 


I have been helping to promote FOMO since they were in the early planning stages of their brand new body protector, and now it is very exciting that they are close to launching their innovative product. With safety such a major concern around all horses, not just in eventing, it is great to be a part of a new product which should be even better than the rest, in protection, style, and rider comfort. Envisage wrapping your body in a soft adaptive foam that moulds to your shape and instantly hardens on impact. Their solutions are flexible, breathable and easy to adjust. Stay tuned on their social media pages & website for more details, coming soon!


Hit-Air is the original Air Vest designed as a shock buffering, stabilising system, giving added protection to the neck, spine, collar bones, lower back and rib cage. The neck protection is designed to decelerate the neck in the event of a fall, significantly reducing the possibility of hyper-extension and whiplash. It is designed for both hacking and schooling, along with more extreme equestrian disciplines. We take part in a very dangerous sport, so for me it was a no-brainer to compete wearing an air jacket. I chose HitAir as my first air jacket 7 seasons ago, and have never looked back as I feel very safe every time that I leave the start box.


I am very pleased to have been offered sponsorship from New Hunt in 2020. It is widely regarded as the best store of its kind in the area. Sue works closely with all of the brands in stock, keeping up with trends and all of the newest safety and equine fashion items, including hats, riding and country clothing, gift ideas, rugs and horse bedding and lots more - it is very easy to spend hours in there buying things! The New Hunt team are always available and happy to help, including with professional hat and body protector fittings. During the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, the shop stepped up to offer free local deliveries as well as dropping your shopping to your car on site to keep people safe.